Wendilyn Emrys, B.A.
Archæomythologist, Artist, Historian & Researcher 

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Wendilyn Emrys, holds a degree in History from UCLA with a special focus on Ancient History, Archæology, Mythology, and the History of Religions, with an emphasis on Pre-Indo-European Cultures, Goddess Cultures, and Minoan Crete. She was fortunate to have studied Pre-Indo-European Archaeology and Archæomythology with the late Marija Gimbutas, Ph.D. and Goddess Mythology with Miriam Dexter, Ph.D. while at UCLA. Wendilyn is currently pursuing her artwork and writing, and sometimes freelances as a consultant to the Entertainment Industry. She received an on-screen film credit as "Archæomythologist" for the Sony/Columbia/Tristar Picture HIDEAWAY.

For samples of Wendilyn's papers on various mythological and historical subject matters, please click here for her "Articles" page.

For samples of Wendilyn's mythological inspired artwork, please click here for her "Art Gallery" page.

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